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Friday, 20 September 2013

Plenary talk


Paola Laiolo: Ecology and Conservation of Alpine birds (7.4 MB)

Tony Fox: Combining a hobby, having great fun and contributing to conservation science: citizen science and Integrated waterfowl population monitoring (6.3 MB)



Session 9


  • Mountain birds


Wilk, T.: Large-scale bird survey reveals high abundance of some threatened bird species in polish Carpathian mountains (3.0 MB)

Campedelli, T.: A Montane Grassland Bird Index for montane common species in Italy (3.4 MB)

Sim, I.: The demography of a declining Ring Ouzel population (3.1 MB)


  • Waterbirds


Nagy, S.: Current status and future challenges for waterbird monitoring in the African-Eurasian flyway with special focus on Europe (2.2 MB)

van Roomen, M.: The need of flyway trends for the evaluation of site trends shown by migratory waterbirds (1.5 MB)

Aunins, A.: Development of Wintering Waterbird Indicators for the Baltic Sea (1.7 MB)

Galewski, T.: Birds as indicators to monitor the state of Mediterranean wetlands (3.7 MB)


Session 10 - Common bird monitoring


Herrando, S.: Developing indicators of the effects of land use change on birds: the abandonment of land in a Mediterranean region (1.5 MB)

Hristov, I: Effects of EU Common Agricultural Policy on the common birds in Bulgaria: better status under less developed agricultural systems?

Paquet, J-Y.: Assessment of Agri-Environment Scheme effectiveness using Common Bird Monitoring: is this achievable at a regional scale? (2.3 MB)

Escandell, V.: Common breeding bird trends in the Iberian Peninsula (1.8 MB)

Szép, T.: Declining population trends of long-distance migrant and farmland birds in Hungary (2.9 MB)

Portolou, D.: Hellenic Common Bird Monitoring scheme (HCBM) and the first attempts to produce national species indices (1.8 MB)

Teufelbauer, N.: Lessons (learned?) from 15 years of common bird monitoring in Austria (5.1 MB)


Session 11 - Waterbirds


Sultanov, E.: Main results of recent winter counts of waterbirds and main threats for ist existence in Azerbaijan (959 KB)

Fântână, C.: The International Waterbird Census in Romania during the 2000-2013 period (5.0 MB)

Musilova, Z.: Increasing wintering duck numbers at the edge of their wintering range: A long-term analysis of data from the Czech Republic (3.7 MB)

Zenatello, M.: The International Waterbird Census in Italy – organisation and evolution of the longest running bird monitoring program within the country (2.9 MB)

Gül, O.: Significant Impacts of Water Level and Human Intervention on Natural Habitats and Breeding Waterbirds in Marmara Lake (2.0 MB)

Onmuş, O.: Impacts of anthropogenic activities and habitat degradation on breeding waterbirds (5.1 MB)


Session 12 - Common bird monitoring


Trautmann, S.: Combination of population trends on a national level

Voříšek, P.: Exploration of European population trends of common species: towards better description and understanding (1.0 MB)

van Turnhout, C.: Using monitoring data to evaluate habitat management effectiveness (2.3 MB)

Vergeer, J.-W.: Still going strong: 30 years of Common Bird Census in the Netherlands

Husby, M.: The Norwegian training program increases the number of volunteers and their skills in Bird Census work (959 KB)

Couturier, A.R.: Breeding Bird Atlases in North America: Challenges and Opportunities (3.4 MB)