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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Plenary talk


Jeremy Greenwood: The first European atlas of breeding birds and beyond



Session 5 - Atlas


Gillings, S.: The value of systematic fieldwork in repeat atlases (1.5 MB)

Balmer, D.: Investigating spatiotemporal changes in relative abundance using bird atlas data (3.5 MB)

Gedeon, K.: The new German Breeding Bird Atlas - methodology and results (6.7 MB)

Kuczyński, L.: Atlas of Common Breeding Birds in Poland: Distribution, Habitat Preferences and Population Trends (2.4 MB)

Kalyakin, M.: Ornithological and practical results of the Project “Atlas of birds of Moscow City” (6.9 MB)

Molina, B.: Atlas of birds in Spain in winter 2007-2010 (4.7 MB)

Altenburg, J.: The new Dutch bird atlas 2012-15: fieldwork design and first results (1.6 MB)


Session 6 - Climate change


Telenský, T.: How does climate limit bird populations? Lesson from the Czech Republic and Catalonia

Piha, M.: Long-term increase in the species richness of wintering birds in Finland

Fraixedas, S.: The impact of climate change and land-use practices on the population dynamics of wintering birds in Finland (3.5 MB)

Välimäki, K.: Does variation in weather conditions during spring migration affect breeding range shifts?

Flousek, J.: Climate change and vertical bird shifts in the Giant Mts (Czech Republic) (2.5 MB)

Lehikoinen, A.: Rapid climate driven shifts in wintering distributions of three common waterbird species (3.7 MB)

Pavon, D.: Is global warming changing the conservation status of birds? The case study of the smew (12.8 MB)



Session 7


  • Spatial modelling


Guélat, J.: Hierarchical dynamic, spatial occupancy models for inference about species range dynamics at two spatial scales (1.5 MB)

Sierdsema, H.: TRIMmaps: a tool for creating distribution maps from monitoring data and casual observations (2.9 MB)

Aizpurua, O.: Optimizing long-term monitoring projects for species distribution modelling (3.1 MB)


  • Farmland


Domşa, C.: Modelling the distribution and abundance of red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio) in Romania based on Common Bird Monitoring data (1.0 MB)

van Diermen, J.: Great Grey Shrike & rural habitat change (12.2 MB)

Sándor, A.: Large-scale decrease in breeding population of Lesser-grey Shrike (Lanius minor) in Romania caused by changes in land-use and infrastructural development

Zakkak, S.: Agricultural land abandonment VS bird communities in the Balkans. What are the interactions and where are we heading to? (2.1 MB)



Session 8


  • Indicators


Chylarecki, P.: Trends of southern bird species drive changes in Polish Farmland Bird Index

Calvi, G.: Farmland Bird Index in Italy: different trends within macro-ecological regions can hide critical situation for farmland species (2.8 MB)

Lindström, A.: A bird indicator for the mountain region of northern Europe (13.5 MB)


  • Conservation


Pople, R.: The European Red List of birds – tracking their changing fortunes and re-evaluating conservation priorities

van Kleunen, A.: Assessing and scoring threats and pressures for bird populations - Lessons from Bird Directive and Nature 2000 evaluations in the Netherlands (3.5 MB)

Burfield, I.: Monitoring Important Bird Areas to identify IBAs in Danger (2.4 MB)

Vikström, T.: Half a century of volunteer-based monitoring of Important Bird Areas in Denmark (715 KB)




Kampichler, C.: Making species distribution models with local prediction intervals using quantile regression forests (714.5 KB)

Kéry, M. & Guélat, J.: Modeling in the 3rd Swiss Breeding Bird Atlas (1.76 MB)