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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Plenary talks


Erika Stanciu: Forest management for bird conservation (7.8 MB)

Andy Musgrove: Unlocking the power of birders' records: how can we maximise the value of less-structured recording? (5.2 MB)


Session 1 - Methodology


Kéry, M.: Modeling abundance in the presence of densitydependent detection using DDD-N- mixture models (2.6 MB)

Strebel, N.: Study of phenology by flexible estimation and modeling of seasonal activity peaks (806 KB)

Massimino, D.: Spatial variation in population trends from Breeding Bird Survey data (6.0 MB)

Risely, K.: Deriving bird population estimates; the work of the UK's Avian Population Estimates Panel (1.9 MB)

Hellicar, M.: Estimating breeding bird populations of Cyprus forest sites (1.1 MB)


Session 2 - Monitoring


Kovács, I.: Surveying soaring birds in three large areas of Transylvania, Romania (1.9 MB)

Burfield, I.: EURAPMON inventory of raptor monitoring schemes in Europe (3.2 MB)

Heldbjerg, H.: Are hunting bags reliable proxies for population changes?

Keišs, O.: Monitoring of birds at night on agricultural landscapes in Latvia – is it worth of additional effort? (3.4 MB)

Eaton, M.: Monitoring Rare Breeding Birds in the UK (2.3 MB)


Session 3 - Methodology


Hochachka, W.: Finding Standardized Data in Bird Watchers' Observations (1.1 MB)

Keller, V.: Correcting for increasing observer effort when calculating population trends from opportunistic data

van Strien, A.: How useful are opportunistic bird data for monitoring trends in distribution? (1.4 MB)

Boos, M.: A new monitoring scheme in northern france for a thorough census of North European avian species: what can we expect?


Session 4 - Farmland


Răducescu, L.: Agri-environment measure for Red-breasted Goose in Romania

Flade, M.: Renewable energies and farmland bird conservation in Germany – an increasing conflict (4.4 MB)

Baltag, E.: Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo ) census from Eastern Moldova (Romania) (23.64 MB)

Hornman, M.: The Netherlands as geese heaven? (3.2 MB)


EBBA2 Workshop


Keller, V.: EBBA2 Workshop (1.9 MB)