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We are planning four different excursions, one local and three by bus which participants can choose from.

The first option is a local program, sightseeing in Cluj.

On one of the bus tours we are going to visit the Gorge and the Salt Mine from Turda (Torda, Thorenburg), a town about 30 km from Cluj.
The Gorge was formed in the jurasic limestones of the northern Trascău mountains and because of it's rich diversity is a nature reserve since 1983. The second location of the trip is the former Salt Mine, which was functioning as a mine from the times of the Romans till 1932. Nowadays it functions as a touristic object.

The second option is visiting the village of Rimetea (Torockó, Eisenmarkt), where the traditions and folklore of the Hungarian inhabitants are still alive. We will have the possibility of hiking on the Piatra Secuiului (Székelykő) mountain or visiting the ruins of the castle from Colţeşti (Torockószentgyörgy, Sankt Georgen). In the second part of this day we can visit another beautiful, 2 km long gorge.

On these two trips with some luck we can observe some rare bird species like: Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus), Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina), Pergrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus), Crag Martin (Ptyonoprogne rupestris), Alpine Swift (Apus melba), Sombre Tit (Parus lugubris) or Rock Bunting (Emberiza cia).

The last option is addressed those who want to see water-birds in migration, about 70 km from Cluj. The lakes of Iernut-Cipău (Radnót-Maroscsapó, Radnuten-Tschappen) are one of the most important bird resting sites in Central Transylvania. Here with the guidance of the Milvus Group ornithologists you can have a small insight of the activities of the group, which will be followed by an all-day birdwaching.


All the excursions will end at Săvădisla (Tordaszentlászló) village near Cluj, where at the Tamás Bistro will take place the conference diner.