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Pre-conference workshop on statistical modeling of distribution and abundance

On Wed-Fri before the conference (11-13 September 2013), Marc Kéry and Jérôme Guélat from the Swiss Ornithological Institute (Sempach) will offer a 3-day workshop on the statistical mapping and modeling of distribution and abundance using R/unmarked, WinBUGS and JAGS. The course will include an introduction to the concepts of abundance and distribution and to the statistical modeling using likelihood and Bayesian methods and then cover in depth static and dynamic site-occupancy models (MacKenzie et al., Ecology, 2002, 2003), N-mixture models (Royle, Biometrics, 2004) and multi-species occupancy (community) models (Dorazio & Royle, JASA, 2005; Dorazio et al., Ecology, 2006).

Wetland International workshop

Following the EBCC conference, Wetlands International is organising a one day workshop on 21 September for the national coordinators of the International Waterbird Census. The workshop will focus on issues concerning the governance and technical development of waterbird monitoring in Europe such as representation of European national coordinators in the Strategic Working Group of the African-Eurasian Waterbird Monitoring Partnership, data access policy, capacity building across the flyway and training sessions on the use of the new IWC online database and the IWC adaptation of the Observado.org on-line reporting system.


9:00 – Johan Mooij and Szabolcs Nagy: Welcome and introductions

9:15 – Chas Holt: Renewing data sharing agreements and data access policy

10:15 – Marc van Rooman: Towards improved international outputs

11:15 – 11:45 - break

11:45 – Szabolcs Nagy, Tom Langendoen, Marc van Rooman and Anne-Laure Brochet: Towards a stronger monitoring partnership at flyway level: developing national schemes, sharing information and supporting one another

12:45 – 13:45 – lunch break

13:45 – Johan Mooij: Waterbird Monitoring Partnership: are we on the right track?

14:45 – Verena  Keller: Election of the representative of national IWC cooridnators to the Strategic Working Group of the African-Eurasian Waterbird Monitoring Partnership

15:15 – 15:45 – break

15:45 – Wetland International Staff: Training in the use of the IWC functions of Observado.org and the IWC Online

17:45 – Johan Mooij: Closing