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Travel and transportation

Cluj Napoca can be reached by plane, train, bus or car.

By plane

Cluj-Napoca International Airport offers connections with several major cities of Europe. However, in some cases could be convenient to come by plane to Cluj-Napoca via Bucharest (see http://otp-airport.ro/index.php?) or via Budapest (see http://www.bud.hu/english )

By train

Cluj-Napoca has rail connections with every major city in Romania and the rest of Europe. The main railway station is placed near the center of Cluj-Napoca. (for more information see: www.raileurope.com and www.mersultrenurilor.ro )

By bus

From major cities in Europe: Student travel | Atlassib | Travelworld.ro
From Bucharest: DACOS | Atlassib 

Local transport

There are around 3000 cabs in Cluj-Napoca; you can recognize them by the signs on the side doors and on the top. There are about 5 major cab companies: Nova Taxi, Taxi Napoca, Pro rapid, Diesel, Pritax, etc. Their cars are all equipped with taximeters and have about the same prices, posted in a visible place outside (under the lateral mirrors) and inside. You are charged 1.79 LEI for departure, 1.79 LEI/kilometer and 1.79 LEI/minute of idle time during daytime and 2.50 LEI/minute during the night or 17.00 LEI/hour. You will also be given a receipt.

There are some unregistered taxis, operating especially around the railway station and the airport. Try to avoid them, as they will charge you even three times the normal price.